Low Battery? 10 ways to save battery charge

A smartphone like Android and iPhone users enjoy the full facilities of the latest enjoy technology. But, smartphone users are suffering a dangerous battery problem. That is- Quickly run out of battery charge.

All smart phone user such as Android, iPhone or Windows phone are suffering the battery charge problem. People who most of the time use the Internet to smartphones, They charge their battery at least twice a day.

They are always keep a power bank for instant battery charging. There are a lot of android apps for save the battery charge. But these battery saver apps is very danger for you smart phone device. You should not install them in to your cell phone. I will share some tips about how to save you smart phone battery without using any apps.

10 ways to save smart phone’s battery charge


1. Reduce Your Display Brightness

However, most of the peoples are known about these tips. But i share because, if you
don’t know about this. Always try to keep less display brightness. Your display has eaten a lot of battery charge. If you always keep reducing display brightness; this will save your battery charge.

2. Always Keep Low Power Mood

You should always keep low power mood. If you phone is up to 5.0 version; So you have
good luck! Because, while your battery has less than 15 percent charge, this phone will automatically go to the Low Power Mood; save you- see the low battery dialogue quickly!

3. Start The Lock Screen Notification

Starting the lock screen notification is another way to save your battery charge. Is the function is opened; you don’t need to see a notification after unlock you phone. As a result, your phone will save some battery charge; save you see the low battery dialogue quickly!

4. Stop The Apps After Use

Always remember that- Every smartphone user should always stop the apps after every time use. Most of the apps are always running on background; these apps are eating your charge! Many people do not look at this important.

5. Stop Your WiFi After Use

If your phone has always opened WiFi; you charge will be finished quickly. Because WiFi has eaten a lot amount of battery charge; your phone will quickly show a low battery. You should keep stop or turn off your WiFi to save your smart phone’s battery charge.

6. Turn Off your GPS

WiFi – GPS as quickly depletes your phones battery charge. As like WiFi, you should turn off your GPS to save your smart phone’s battery charge. So after completion of your use; just close both programs.

7. Apps Download and Update

To download or update apps; please use a WiFi connection. If you download or update your apps via data connections. It will quickly be eating your battery power. However, it is better if you use a high-speed Wi-Fi. Because, if you use faster wifi internet connection, you download or update will be finished within a few seconds; your battery charge will save.

8. Airplane Mood

If you want to use your battery charge for a long time. Airplane Mood is the best way for you. While you enjoy any video or audio, you can apply these tips & save a lot of amount of battery charge and kick out the low battery dialogue for a few hours.

9. Use The Authorized or Original Battery and Charger

Always try to use the original Battery or charger. If the original battery or charger has damaged; you should collect unauthorized battery/charger from your phone’s customer care center.

10. Don’t Install Any Battery Saver App

Don’t install any battery saver apps. These apps are 100% Fake and, these apps is damaged your phone and phone battery.


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