WiFi Signal Strength Booster Tricks – Boost WiFi Instantly

A survey of 2016 has published, total internet user in the world is 3,424,971,237. It is 40 percent of the world’s total population. Day by day increasing the internet user quickly. There is a popular way of internet connection. That means I want to say about WiFi. It is
the popular way to make an internet connection.

It has a lot of facilities for browsing the internet. As a result, peoples are being attracted to the Wi-Fi internet connection.
Basically, most of the wifi connections cannot give you a high-speed internet connection. Free of public places wifi internet connections are very slow and boring for browsing. Generally, internet speed is depending on your internet service provider (ISP).

But sometimes the internet has slowed for the various problem of wifi. If WiFi signal strength is low quality; your internet speed will be slow. For various causes, wifi signal strength is reduced. As a result, you internet speed can be slow. SafeForPC is to share Five (5) tips for about “WiFi Signal Strength Booster”

5 Tips of Wifi signal strength Booster – Boost WiFi Instantly

Some of the methods you can use to recover your Wifi signal strength. Now I describing awesome 5 WiFi Booster repeater tips to Wifi signal strength booster:

WiFi Signal Strength Booster

1. Use the internet near the router

The first tips have used the internet near the router. Every router has a specific power for speedy connection. So you should always try to connect near the router. There is very hard and, speedy internet connection available near the router.

Far from router = less wifi signal strength + Slow internet-connection WiFi signal strength spread 360-degree periphery. So set your router in the middle of your home or office for a better WiFi signal strength. You can use a mini WiFi signal strength booster device also! such as wifi repeater, if your position is far from the router.

2. Decrease the number of people for the side of the router

The human body can prevent the speed of radio waves also! So to get a good service from the router, you should always try to keep people free in the router place.

3. Place the Router

Selecting a correct place to place the Router is a great solution to Wifi Signal Strength Booster. To get good service, there is no other way without a standard-powerful Router. However, it is more important ‘set up a router in an appropriate place’. As much as possible placed your router in high places. As can be higher, as much spread around the circumference of the radio wave and, able to get high WiFi signal strength with high-speed internet.

4. Be-careful on download a large files

When downloading large files on your PC or laptop, it can cause to reduce the speed of your WiFi signal strength and internet speed. If you download a large file, the router has reduced the speed of the internet for other devices. To download a large file, while a number of users are small.

5. Passwords should be complex and difficult

It is another Wifi signal strength Booster tips. Make your password especially
difficult. So you should set a password with, lower-upper mixed case some symbolic alphabet such as Xi@P2&8a%, etc.

Otherwise, there are afraid of being hacked. If your wifi connection password hacked, the hacker will reduce your internet speed by downloading a lot or large files.


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