Learn about Cyber Stocking and protect yourself

This is a busy world. For making a better life; we always busy. As a result, nowadays, virtual/social media/internet is a great way to communicate with others. Day by day, increasing our friends on social media such as Facebook, Tweeter, Google plus or
others. In this situation, the danger is increasing too. Through these social media, your known/unknown friends, conducting secret surveillance on you!

Suppose you have posted a selfie on Facebook. Your friends commented on your post, “your green dress is very beautiful”, So you’re happy to view the comment. While you see the next comment/message, I am sure you feel, “A bolt from the blue!”

Because this your friends messaged you “What are you doing on National Park?” !!!!
Yeah! this is the surprising turn! You have not said your location on the selfie. Even the messenger/friends did not see you. But, how your friend knows about your location????
Cyber experts say, cyber-stocking run surveillance on this happening.

What is cyber stocking and how to prevent?

Cyber Stocking is one kind of cyber crime. Cyber experts said that, “New technology can be utilized to follow fake friends/Facebook hackers. So you should immediately stop the “View to all” option on facebook or other social media. Under IPC section 354, cyber stocking or chase is a punishable offense. The Act also covers unsolicited comments on photos of a girl of Facebook or Instagram.

What to do?

Call the local police station or Cyber police station. Police will take quick action. So be careful. Don’t accept the friend request of an unknown person. Be-careful from cyber-stocking. Thanks to everybody.


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