Some awesome tips to watching video on YouTube

YouTube is the best and popular site for watching videos on the internet. Generally, YouTube has all kinds of video. As a result, internet users always search their videos on YouTube. So, Now I will share some tips n tricks and this ‘youtube video watching tips’ will change your YouTube video watching experience!

Tips n Tricks for video watching on YouTube

YouTube is famous for all kinds of video such as Tutorial, Music, Drama, Movies, Technology, Health, TV shows, Educational and including Comedy also!

There are a lot of techniques to watch the video on YouTube. Ins a-Allah, I will describe some very important information or strategy of watching a video on youtube.

YouTube Tips-1:
Watching a video more than one time (again and again): If you want to see again and again in a video on YouTube, firstly, just play the video> now click the right button of your mouse on the video> Now click on the “Loop” option. As a result, the playing video will automatically play again after end and it continued, again and again, will be played.

YouTube Tips-2:
Watching the age-restricted video without login: If you want to view an age-restricted video on youtube; its need login to your
Google/Gmail/YouTube account. Otherwise, age-restricted videos cannot be seen at youtube. I will teach you how to view the age-restricted videos on youtube. Just make a difference in the video link (URL). Generally, a youtube video link is looked like:

If the video is age restricted, just only remove the ‘/watch?v‘ and write ‘/v/‘ in its place. So from now, you don’t need a login to watch an age-restricted video.

YouTube Tips-3:
Keyboard Shortcut: You can use the keyboard shortcut on viewing a video. See the youtube keyboard shortcut: K= Pause, J= 10 second Rewinding, L= with 10 seconds Fast, Forward, M to mute the video immediately, and you can forward the video 1-90% via pressing 1 to 9 {such as if you press 6 form keyboard, your video will forward to 60%; if you press 0 (zero) your video will start from first}. Press F for full screen and ppressESC for exit full screen. Press left-right arrow keys for 5 seconds forward and 5 seconds backward. Press Up-Down arrow keys for volume up and down.

YouTube Tips-4:
Default video resolution: YouTube is very annoying for slow internet. Because the video is buffering again and again. It is seemed to be waiting. So if your internet is slow, you can set the default video resolution. To select the default video resolution firstly login to your youtube account and click on the link Now start the option named: “I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video”. So youtube never play the higher-quality resolution video on your account.

YouTube Tips-5:
Finding something specific: if you want to find something specific, type the keyword on the search box. If you type ‘HD’ after the search keyword, HD quality video will come. Suppose you saw a video once again, remember the title of it, but now can not
find, type the “allintitle:” on the Search box for finding the video easily. At the end of the title write “long” now you find the videos longer than 20 minutes. If anyone writes “short” you will find videos for less than 4 minutes.

YouTube Tips-6:
Change the speed of video playback: If you want to watch a video in slow motion or fast motion; just click on the ‘setting button‘ and select the motion fast or slow as you choose.

YouTube Tips-7:
Your YouTube activity kept secret: Do you know? you can keep secret your YouTube activity! Suppose, you have subscribed on a channel and you want: don’t share your subscribing to others. You have liked a video, or you have subscribed to a channel
playlist, you need don’t share any of this to others. You can do private you youtube activity. Firstly, login to your account and go to this link than set your privacy settings.

YouTube Tips-7:
Save a video for watching next time: You have been seen some parts of a video, now you need to close the video. But you want to see the video next time; Use this feature on YouTube ‘Watch letter‘. As a result, this video is saved on your account and
next time you can watch the video. Even! you can watch the video from the end of the existing part. For this, use the “+ Add To” option.

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