How to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

This is the era of science and technology. The cell phone is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. We communicate to others via Cell phone. It is one of the easiest ways to communicate with others via Mobile devices. So the Cell phone is now the peak of popularity.

It is impossible to imagine a monument, without a mobile phone. But the blessings of technology is a threat to the environment from the radiation emitted. Continue use of Cell phone and Cell phone network tower is being emitted electromagnetic force.

Cell Phone Radiation is non-ionized. So it creates a kind of heat and, the heat kills the human organism cells. Radiation of cell phone network tower is a great threat for the Breeding animals. Not only our environment! radiation is very harmful to human body
damage. Radiation can cause serious diseases like- Abortion, Crain tumors and Cancer.

In short, any kinds of radiation is bad for our human body and our environment. However, the Cell phone must be used. However, we should always be careful to save us
environment and human civilization from the bad effect of cell phone radiation.

Ways to save from Cell Phone Radiation

1. Always keep a distance from the network tower

Mobile towers should be placed far away from towns cell phone radiation or village. But now around the house, even it has been seen- a network tower has placed on the roof of a polyhedral building. People of the building is always affected by the harmful effects of network tower. So the place to live, there is no network around the tower.

2. Use Your Cell Phone in less radiation

If you use a cell phone, you will be a victim of harmful radiation. But if your phone has less radiation; You can save yourself a lot. The radiation level is depended on your cell phone quality. In that case, make sure before buying a handset, is it set in small radiation?

3. Messaging is safer from calling

Yeah! messaging is safer from calling or dialing a cell number! However, it is hard to imagine a day without a Cell phone. It is better to use as low as possible. On the other hand, is better than talking down the messaging solution. Various diseases of the ear will be removed.

4. Use the Headset

If you directly talking with your phone; as a result- your brain has been directly affected. So you should use a headset or headphone for safe your brain from cell phone radiation. Using a headset is a safe way to avoid cell phone radiation.

5. Keep the phone distance during sleep

According to experts, Keep the phone away during sleep. Cell Phone is always creating radiation. Even if you do not use it or when it is in a sleeping mood! I think you should keep away or switched off the
phone in your sleeping time or night time.

6. Low-quality network

Please don’t use the phone on the low-quality network. Because it is totally wrong. Because, while your
phone is in the low-quality network, it may be more and more radiation is emitted. So don’t use your cell in the low-quality network.

7. Battery Low

It is a hundred percent wrong to use a phone in low battery. Not only weak networks. But refrain from talking on the phone when the charge is low. This is a threat to health.
Ok. No more today.

If you have any tips about protecting cell phone radiation share the tips in the comment box. Share this post to your friends and family member to protect his life from cell phone radiation. Thanks a lot for reading the post.

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