A Hidden Tips To Increasing Browsing Speed On Opera Mini

Opera mini is the most installed mini internet browser of mobile devices. Up to 10,000,000 installs from Google Play Store for Android devices only. So there is no doubt, this is the world’s most popular mobile phone-based mini internet browser!

Especially, it is more popular for its friendly interface, super save your data plan, easy to use, speedy browsing, very comfortable on 2G or EDGE network and other various facilities.

But due to the various problem; the browser gives a slow performance. If any user knows some strategy about opera mini; he can easily resolve the small problems and get a high-speed internet browsing via this mini apps! Now I share some mini tips to speed up your opera browser.

Opera Mini tips for increasing the speed

Hidden Tips To Increasing Browsing Speed On Opera Mini


1. Firstly open the Opera mini from your cell phone.
2. Now just type opera:config in the URL box and you will find an opera browser setting page.
3. Now find out the Loading Timeout option and select “60″ or “3600″.
4. Under the Loading Timeout option, you will find site patches and user agent masking.
5. Select “No” on-site patches and user agent masking.
6. Now scroll down the settings page and click the save button.
7. Now restart the opera mini browser.
After restarting the browser, you will get a new experience of speedy internet browsing.

Hope it will increase your internet speed on Opera Mini. For more help please do comment and get your reply and help.

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