How To Block a Website on Netgear Router?

Need blocking a website? And, using a Netgear Router? So the guide will be perfect for you. To easily block websites, domains, and Internet content.

This article is written for a Netgear router user. If you are a Netgear router user and want to block any domain or website from your network through router settings. Then this article is going to be perfect for you. We will teach you how to block any website in just 4/5 minutes in the world’s easiest way. But the trick is only applicable to Netgear router users. However, the method for other routers is almost the same.

Login on:

The path is- Login>Advanced>Security>Block sites>Always>Input Keyword or Domain Names>Add Keyword>finally, Apply

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How to block access to a website on a Netgear router?

Like other routers, Netgear also has an IP address that you can easily control the router by logging into.  A few days ago, Netgear settings could be changed at will by logging in to

But, for some time now it has been observed that the site or domain is redirecting to Netgear’s main website

But we have collected the new login URL. which is

It is easily assumed that you need to log in to now.

As soon as you enter the website, you will see a white page, which has nothing written or can say no image, text, or any content.

Don’t worry, but there is a login box on the above you have to find.


Without logging into the website, you can’t see any content. So you have to input your username and password on the login window.

What is the default Username and Password for Netgear?

Every Netgear WiFi router has a default username and password. It is the same for every router almost. But if a user changed it once, then he had to use the same user and password that he changed last time.

Default Username: admin

Default Password: admin

If you have forgotten them after changing on last time, then you can notify me by dropping a comment. I will try to release another article about how to recover the Netgear router username and password.

By the way, just log in on the IP address (website) by using the default credentials.


The screenshot above is enough for this blocking tutorial. However, I explained below. Even I have numbered every clicking operation on the screen of the Netgear WiFi router setting page. You can follow them steply.

After login in, you will reach the Netgear router setting page.
On the left top corner (menu) there is an option named “Advanced”
You have to go to the Advanced tab to find out the Security option to Block Sites
Pro Tip: From the Keyword Blocking option (number 4 on the screenshot above) you have to click on the radio button named Always.

Type Keyword or Domain Name to Block (Step 5 on Screenshot)

In my point of view, there are some more things to say. I mean, there are some explanations on there for the newbie. So I have decided to talk something more about it.

What is Keyword on the Netgear site blocking option?

If you add the keyword p*rn on the box. All the websites/domain names that contained the word p*rn will be blocked immediately. Such as https://p* or https://worldp* even https://worldp*

Alternatively, a user can directly type the domain name fully like or

Our Recommendation: Please do not input domain names like just enter

Finally, click on the Add Keyword button and then Apply


Any doubt? or asking? Then feel free to drop a comment. Ask me any time, we will answer your question as soon as possible. If you facing a problem with the process, inform us of your problem just. We will try to resolve it and we think, it will make this article more resourceful.

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