Best Free Password Management Software In 2023

Remembering passwords is a big pain for Internet users. Lots of accounts on various websites are the main reason users are not able to keep track of user passwords. So forgetting a password is another common issue nowadays, and, become a hassle in our daily lives. Forgetting passwords like Gmail or Yahoo can be normal but if you have forgotten your Bank account details like username, email, or password can be dangerous for everybody. Because you have to go to the bank maybe! It will consume your time and hassling method also.

To solve this problem password managers are introduced. A password manager is an easy way to keep track of your passwords. Once you enter the password on a website, the password manager will remember it. When you want to log in again, the password manager will put the password automatically. This software is encrypted so there is no danger of data theft. If you do not want to write a password by yourself, you can set the password manager to suggest a complex password for a specific webpage. If you want to know which is the best free password management software In 2023, you can read the software details given below.


#1 Roboform

If you are looking for great software to manage your passwords in 2020, you can use Roboform because of its great experience. Roboform is one of the oldest password managers available. It has a lot of features that make the software great to use.


Roboform has a clean interface so you will not have to worry about getting lost in the options. It is available for free on the Roboform website. It is one of the top software available on Windows 10. The Roboform auto-captures the password and user information. Roboform is capable of filling out full online forms. You do not have to go online to get the passwords from the Roboform as it manages the system-based passwords also.


If you want to synchronize with their cloud, you will have to get a premium version. They are not adding special security features often and the software can get outdated when compared with other software at certain times.

#2 Keeper

It is great software when you want to fill the passwords online but this software is not great at filling in other pieces of information. It can store an unlimited number of passwords in a secure vault.


It is available for free and you can download the software easily from the official website. You can secure an unlimited number of passwords by using this password manager. Even when you change a password, this software will keep a record of the change and keep the old password with it. It can handle two-way authentication for free.


When you are scrolling online quickly and want the passwords and information to fill automatically, this software is not useful. It will start lagging when a power user is going through the web quickly.

#3 Last Pass

If you are looking for software to manage your passwords that have an autofill option with the availability of good encryption, you can go for the Last Pass. This password manager is amazing because of its good features but there are some cons also which are important.


The Last Pass does two-step authentication and it has a special ability to monitor the dark web. It is great because it is available for free. Just need to go to the website and download the software. It has many advantages because it can support multiple browsers and Android devices.


The company is not giving a free full version as there is a paid full version available. You will not get full customer support and integration guideline for your specific system in the free version. The free version is displaying promotions so you will have to see different promotions from time to time.

#4 Dashlane

The software has special 12-digit encryption to make the passwords unbreakable. When you are using Dashlane, you will be free from all the security problems as all the passwords are saved on the local device.


There are a lot of advantages to this software as it has a great user interface. The passwords can be shared with friends and family without revealing them. It is easy to use and has all the advanced authentication options like two-way authentication.


The free version is available but the paid version with advanced options comes with a price tag of more than $50. When you want to use advanced functions, you will have to give high fees for that.

#5 Log Me Once

When you are looking for a password manager with the worst number of options, you can go for Log Me Once password manager. Its free version has a lot of features that are not even included in the paid version of other software.


A free version is available with a good number of options. Multiple authentication options are available so you will not have to worry about the different types of authentication methods. It is easily downloadable from the website and easily installed. It has a synchronization option so it can easily keep all the passwords available for all the synchronized devices.


It also has a paid version but due to multiple complicated options, it is not needed for regular use. Due to a large number of options, it is difficult to use the Log Me Once sometimes.

#6 Bitwarden

It is amazing open-source software. This means the password manager has all the source code available and one can easily view the code. This also makes it completely free.


It can support multiple devices and operating software. Unlike other software that has a premium version to access the full functionality, Bitwarden gives all the features freely. If you find a lack of functionality, you can easily download the extension to extend the functionality.


As it is open-source software, you will not get full customer support. Any problem with the software will have to be solved by yourself or you have to hire someone to troubleshoot the problem. It is good for Windows and Android devices but on Apple devices, it causes some problems.

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