Best Open Source HR Management Software For Free Download

Human resources are any business’s most valued asset, and small businesses can well do with open-source human resource software. The success of a business will depend on the products and technology that it markets. But a business, a small business particularly, cannot hope to succeed without getting the maximum output from its human resources (HR). Because small businesses cannot afford paid HR management software, they have to look out for open-source HR management software.

What is open-source HR management software?

Open source HR management software is technology software that downloads, inspects, modifies, and or enhances to suit their business purpose.

Some knowledge of coding may be needed to adapt an open-source HR management to specifically suit your business. You can hire a developer to modify the tool for your purpose or study the add-ons available in the market.

Best Open Source HRM Software


It is from the view of small businesses that we will take a look at the best 5 open sources of HR management software.

1. Ice HRM

Ice Hrm is a simple yet powerful HR management software tool. It is available free to download and use and is of great help for HR managers to manage manpower recruitment and engagement efficiently. The free open-source version has its limitations as you are not granted access to all its HR management modules.

IceHrm has many key features such as leave management, expense management, payroll processing, an internal job portal, and a staff training module that helps HR departments manage different training courses and sessions in their organizations. Ice Hrm’s software is more user-friendly, and most of the clients find it convenient to use. It helps them to have total control over their work without compromising reliability.

2. Jorani

Distributed under the GPL v3 license, the software comes free and is popular for its leave management software. Efficient workflow for leave and overtime requests can easily be designed with the software. The software is free to use and comes with built-in reports.

Its main key features are; Employee Data Base Leave Management, Employee Scheduling, Absence Management, Calendar Management, Overtime Tracking, Overtime Management, Capture, Email notifications, etc. Currently, it supports two languages; English and French.

Mostly, it is used by Freelancers, businesses, start-up SMEs, enterprises, and agencies.

3. Odoo HR

Another popular free-to-use and modified human resource software tool Odoo HR is extremely useful for HR managers. It allows them to manage, collaborate, and efficiently integrate, in just a few clicks. HR managers find the software tool friendly for creating employee profiles and leave management. Although free to use for unlimited users, you will have to pick and pay for extra applications.

It has some features, which include, easy management of employees, Monitor Time & Attendance, Managing Leaves, Streamlined expense management, and Easy Employee Evaluation.

4. Orange HRM

Control workflows, and create, and manage multiple HR functions on a single dashboard with Orange HRM. With this free-to-download HR management software tool, you can choose whatever features suit your business and just leave that won’t serve your interests.

Loaded with 13 functional modules, the software has modules that should meet all your needs.

It is used to cover Personnel Info Management, employee leave, Employee Self Service, Time & Attendance Recruitment, etc.

5. Sentrifugo

Sentrifugo is one of the open-source software solutions that can manage all kinds of software functions. It can be useful for both employers as well as employees. Its performance appraisal module enables HR managers to assess employees over a pre-set period.

With Sentrifugo, you get access to its comprehensive analytics function, which lets you define a wide range of short-term and long-term goals. Its talent acquisition and leave management modules are very easy to manage.

It has Key features like employee self-service, attendance management, leave management and time tracking, etc. It has one unfavorable feature that is, it does not have mobile applications to access, hence difficult to access from mobile devices.


We have summarized the best features of the best 5 open source HR management software tools for you. They are effective and useful for small and medium businesses to efficiently manage their human resources.

Businesses are struggling to recruit good and qualified personnel, and to retain them in their service over a substantial period, the above HR management software tools can help to ease the burden of HR managers in businesses.

Most businesses can make do with the modules that these free-to-use HR management software tools offer. You can avail of other tools by picking and subscribing to whatever premium tools these HR management software companies offer.

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